Dog Thinks Term “Best” Friend A Little Much

Dog Thinks Term “Best” Friend A Little Much

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NEW YORK - Shadow, an area beagle, has determined, though he considers himself man’s friend, the term “best” friend may be a little much, sources indicate.

“Sure, we have a good time. He loves me, he feeds me, he walks me. We’re definitely close. I lick his face and he licks mine. But ‘best’ friend? I don’t know, I don’t really like to make that distinction; I don’t like labels,” commented Shadow.

Brad Kindler, a software engineer, and Shadow’s owner, has a different idea of their relationship.

“Oh, yea, he’s my best friend. Definitely. Without question! He started out as my support dog when I got sick a while back, and after the surgery he was there for me during my recovery. Relationships come and go, friends disappear from your life, but Shadow is in it forever. He truly is man’s best friend,” Kindler remarked.

Even friends and family agree that Shadow is his closest friend, more so than anyone else in Kindler’s life.

“I remember seeing Brad during those times. Shadow was the only thing keeping him going. He really is his best friend. They’re even closer than I am with Brad,” added Kindler’s wife of 15 years, Mary.

Though Shadow is glad he could aid in the emotional journey Kindler has endured the last few years, he has expressed doubt that that bond is indicative of the term “best” being incorporated into their friendship.

“I guess it’s just one of those things where sometimes you’re that person’s best friend, but they aren’t necessarily yours. I don’t know, I feel guilty, I just kinda let him keep thinking we’re besties, it’s fine, he lets me drink from the toilet, so we’re good,” Shadow added.

Shadow allegedly sits at the front door of the house across the street and let’s the neighbors think he is their best friend as well, in exchange for treats.

Article by Louie Aronowitz - @louiearonowitz

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